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Design Jam Competition

Auntie Cliques

Auntie clique is an application that targets baby boomers to share their skills with the younger generation and it can be a bridge for between the younger generation and connect through the common interest skills. 

Team member: Claudia 

Led by: Adeline and Chris

Duration given were two days to actually do the user experience journey and also coming up with the

mockup prototype. 


It was an interesting experience and fruitful process to actually brainstorm ideas and did the layout within the short period of time.

This Kickstarter video will show the process of the current context of youth who wants to learn certain skills and how the app itself is able to help them to learn and connect with the baby boomers. The language use is singlish so it is more localised.

Auntie Cliques Kickstarter video
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