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Cleanliness of Beauty


6 weeks

Project Type:

Individual​ | Packaging Design

In collaboration with Universal Sovereign Pte Ltd, bringing out new experience of cleanliness in beauty. 

Key Skills: 

Customer Findings Research | Conceptual Design | Experience Design
Packaging Design |  Prototyping & Reiteration | Photography

It is designed in a vertical format as most of the tissue placement in the toilet is usually at the top to prevent the tissue from getting wet.

One of the beauty experience that women age 30-45 appreciate, is travelling. Therefore the visual packaging was inspired by it. Since my packaging is small and compact, they are also able to use it as a travel pack.

Based on primary research, there is a preference of using alternatives such as towels to dry their skin. The current tissue ply quality tears off easily after it is being soaked with water. 


Therefore I actually embossed the tissue to create similar absorbency and softness texture like towel.

As for current tissue packaging, it is constantly exposed therefore it may not be dry and hygienic.


With this tissue flaps, able to prevent the tissue from getting wet and make it more hygienic.

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