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Project Type

Mobile Application




3 days


UXUI Designer

Key Skills 

Design Thinking

User Research &  Analysis




Project Overview

Embroidle is a skill-sharing mobile application concept that allows both students and masters to collaborate on needlework projects. It also has other features such as rental services of space & equipment, goal setting, and feedback for both stakeholders.

Research Process

Understanding the Stakeholders

This process enables me to identify the type of user to interview accurately, which is essential. In terms of requirements, I've focused on both the occupation and experiences as qualities to qualify to be a "Master":

Understanding StakeHolders Requirements.png

Secondary Research

From this process, the objective is to understand currently what are the methods users learn and teach, the benefits, and the gaps.

In terms of the learning process, students will go for source online content such as YouTube to learn. As for the teaching process, offline is still more common in Singapore context. 

But what is common for both is that their driving decisions allow them to have the flexibility to allocate time and convenience to execute the process. 

Competitor Analysis

From this competitor analysis process, is to learn what’s currently in the market that is good to have and room for improvement. It also helps in terms of the initial ideation process which could be validated during interview process whether is it viable.

Skill Sharing App-Competitor Analysis_Page_1.jpg
Skill Sharing App-Competitor Analysis_Page_4.jpg
Skill Sharing App-Competitor Analysis_Page_3.jpg
Skill Sharing App-Competitor Analysis_Page_2.jpg

The Problem

To find out the key problems faced by masters and students, I have conducted the physical interview and by attending the class to have first hand experience in order to objectively define the needs and painpoints.

Objective and Problem Faced (Student Perspective)

3 day design sprint and research process, 1 day analysis.

Design Sprint-Banner.png

User Journey Mapping

It is the consolidation summary of all the key stages including pain points, motivations, goals, and opportunities. It is also insight to improve the current user experience and build stronger connections for both student's and master's perspectives. 

Student pov

Master pov

journey map master.jpg

For master perspective

Sourcing for students, the approach of doing the lesson plan, and staying relevant and connected is their major pain point. 

For student perspective

 The approach of doing the needlework, seeking help online, and finding the right master is their major pain point.

Ideation Process

I’ve adopted the “How Might We” for Idea Generation using these broad categories, highlighted in yellow.

These broad categories allow me to expand the potential features that are minimally required in order for the app works.

Ideation Process.png

The Solution

Low Fidelity Prototype

The purpose of this process is to focus on the flow of applications. Therefore, I can do it with quick and fast sketches. I've also utilises the pop marvel app and test with the key flows  users. It was an overall fruitful process. 

Low Fi Prototype.png

Key Features of Embroidle

Flexbility Collaboration.png

Flexibility collaboration based on time, availability of equipment, location and privacy.

Goal Settings.png

Manage Goal Settings and Expectations on both Student and Master pov

Equipment and Spaces.png

Equipment and Spaces for rental or loan

Live Prototype

I've done the design via Adobe XD and exported to Invision for the basic prototyping as demo. Alternatively you can view via here

Due to project constraints, unable to second round of usability testing and iterative improvements.

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