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It was my Final Year Project and the topic was on sharing skills. It is a trend for people to pick up a new skill and the topic that I was interested in was Needlework. Therefore, Embroidle is a digital product that is designed for needlework enthusiasts to collaborate on projects.


Let me take you through Embroidle Journey...  hopefully, it won't be sew long.


To start off will be the research process of who is my target audience, what are the current methods they used to learn/teach, the benefits as well as the gaps. 

Journey map is used to understand the user’s current learning/teaching process, identifying the desire and painpoint that they are facing. After that came up with the “how might we “statement to trigger ideation process. 

Next, step would be the creation of low fidelity prototype which is also known as paper prototyping.


Paper prototyping is quick sketch process, focusing more on the user flow of the app and making sure that all the screens required for each main selling point are sketched out.  These are some of the screens that I have drawn. 

After settling the flow of the application, next step is to do the grid and layout. It is equally essential as it is like the skeleton of making the page of the application itself. 


It translates the placement of information and requires changes after user testing.

After having the basic grid and layout would be the wireframing process whereby consideration of sizing, for example, the buttons has to be user-friendly and visible. 


In between each process, will do user-testing so that able to have the feedback and improve from each iteration.


To view the entire taskflow, you can do so via this pdf:

Next fun part of the process is visual design, whereby you get to choose certain imagery, colours, icons and typography that best suit the branding of the application. In general, it will set the tone of the application.

00253E           01425D         FFE2D0           F95443        F8BE46

Therefore, I wanted the users to have fun and enjoy collaborating so the choice of colours are more vibrant yet lifestyle kind of feel. 


As for the typography, font used was Montserrat. 


Header 25px

Subheader 20px

Body text 14 px

Information text 12px

Key features of Embroidle:


Allows the user to collaborate based on the flexibility of time and convenience.


In return, they are able to keep up with their interest with like-minded people.


For those who do not have space/equipment, there is rental service.

Last but not least, here's the kickstarter video in summary to show what Embroidle is about hope you will enjoy it: 

Embroidle Kickstarter video
Play Video

You can try the live version is here on my page: 

or with this link

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