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Kiasu Dash

Project Type

Mobile Application

Group project



2 days


UXUI Designer

Key Skills 


User Research &  Analysis




Project Overview

Under the theme of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we chose the topic "Zero Hunger", and specifically targeted "Food Wastage". 

From the consumer perspective, is to let them find out about the food merchants nearby them are giving flash sales nearing close time. 

From the merchant's perspective, the aim is to minimise food wastage and at the same time provide another form of revenue from these extra sales. 

Research Process

Understanding the Problem

Based on our observations and findings we noticed that bakery businesses are unable to finish selling their products by the end of the day, resulting in them discarding.

Some chain bakery businesses will try to push sales during the second half of the day with discounted prices, however, it is dependent on the location and also the crowds. 

As for the consumer perspective, it is not common for customers to purchase it due to a lack of awareness or not being at the location. 

Online Survey 

We decided on Google Survey because it is quick and most people have it.  Also, in a multidisciplinary team, this is one of the more comfortable survey tools.  Prior to sending out the survey, we determined these few factors:

Factor 1.png


Kiasu Dash.jpg
Kiasu Dash (1).jpg


We conducted a survey and based on the findings, there are about 65.5% of respondents have never purchased food at discounted price after 8 pm within the last month

85.3% of respondents were willing to download the application to be notified of discounted food items based on their location which exhibits a strong willingness to download the application.

The Solution

Low Fidelity Prototype

The purpose of this process is to focus on the flow of applications.


It is also an effective way of us communicating and brainstorming our ideas as we get to see how exactly it should be, before locking it down to high-fidelity. 

In terms of hackathon context, it is also vital for us to find an effective way to discuss as time is the key.

Low Fi Prototype.png

Minimum Viable Features of Kiasu Dash

On the App Landing page, able to filter the information with Featured merchants, Popular with You, and Nearby with different used cases.

The "Featured Merchants" is determined and analysed based on the most frequent purchases at the consumer level.

The "Popular with You" is determined and analysed based on individual consumer latest and most frequent purchases.

Last but not least, the "Nearby" is determined based on the location selected at the top.


Upon selection of the bakery place, customers get to see details such as the distance and food options

available in-store.

It will be a good way for them to estimate the walkable distance.

Selected Eatery (Select Option).png

Intuitive checkout process, with various payment processes to help customers with payment making.


Business Collaboration

We intend to encourage businesses to partner with us by offering them monthly data analytics services. In return, we will prepare a report on their monthly food wastage using the app-provided data, along with identifying additional information that is essential to them.

Using this data, we will calculate the economic order quantity (EOQ), a crucial figure for determining the optimal order quantity a company should procure for its inventory based on production costs, demand rate, and various factors. This calculation will be particularly beneficial, especially for chain bakery enterprises.

Key Takeaways

It is definitely a fun and memorable experience to do this hackathon for various reasons, one of which being the first few Women Hackathon in Singapore.  As for the project enhancements, we could look at things such as how and where to market this app, so that people will be aware of it. Will it be from the business side to promote, or will be doing online campaigns?


In terms of app feature enhancements,  the next phases could focus more on the merchant side apart from report generation and could provide the dashboard.

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