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Project Type

Landing Page

Multidisciplinary Team



3 days


UXUI Designer

Key Skills 

Customer Findings


Visual Identity

Web Design

Interaction Analysis


Project Overview

NuttiMelli is a marketing landing page concept that allows coffee enthusiasts to join the monthly speciality coffee subscription. The objective is to create a minimum viable landing page, which has been designed using insights from user research. This is intended to help the business attract a customer base through both initial views and potential conversions within a one-week marketing ad campaign. We reached 137 users and have 31 sign ups.

As for the design and research process, took about 3 days to complete. Details and designs are submitted to the Startup Talent Factory, Singapore.


3 day design sprint and research process, 1 day analysis.

Design Sprint-Banner.png

User Research

It is critical for us to understand the problems and needs of our prospective customers facing before we start building a solution. Other information that would be critical will be details such as their existing lifestyle habits, purchasing habits, and future aspirations help to define the main problems we need to find a solution.

Therefore, this was the list of assumptions we want to validate and conducted the questionnaire via WhatsApp. Given I have prior knowledge in terms of collating the findings for us to understand, I suggested putting in affinity mapping based on these categories: mindset and pressures user face.

Problem Statements_edited.jpg



With the insights gathered from user research, we have identified the main personas. This allows the team to be aware of who are we designing for, and a good reference whenever we need to decide and make any design/interaction decisions.

NuttiMelli Persona_Page_03.jpg

Hero Journey Mapping

It involves visually charting a character's journey, encompassing adventure, challenges, growth, and transformation—commonly employed in storytelling.

Here, we outline each hero journey stage and how the coffee subscription business engages users emotionally and experientially.

Additionally, it pinpoints business opportunities aligned with each stage of the journey.

NuttiMelli Persona_Page_13_edited.jpg


We made an assumption to build mobile first approach, since our campaign will lead to the single pager landing page.
We are also prepared to change accordingly after pre-launch stage.

Flow of the landing page

Considering the customer's perspective, they would be inclined to explore more details about the company's range of products.

Discovering this information, coupled with customer testimonials, particularly from those who have firsthand experience with the coffee, would bolster the trustworthiness of the assertions and ensure alignment with their expectations.

Key Solutions

Usability Testing

For this approach, we use Hotjar App to analyse since we did the mockup on a web design tool. We are able to use the features such as device evaluation, clicking and live recordings, and heat map evaluation to understand the user behaviour and interaction on the page. However, due to project constraints, we can only do this one cycle. Otherwise, it will iterative process to further improve.


Was the order of content and placing the input on the hero content was it accurate?

Tool Analysis: Heatmap evaluation

Validation #1 

Was the order of content and placing the input on the hero content was it accurate?

Tool Analysis: Heatmap evaluation

NuttiMelli Persona_Page_19_edited.jpg

Based on the heatmap results, it was accurate in terms of both the content and also the decision to put the input on the hero section since after that section the % of the visitors gradually dropped.

Validation #2

Was Mobile first approach accurate?

Tool Analysis: Device Evaluation

NuttiMelli Persona_Page_15.jpg

Based on the results, 66% of the users are using mobile device to view our website.

Validation #3

Is the fixed headers utilise to help user to go to designate section

Tool Analysis: Clicking and Live Recording observation

NuttiMelli Persona_Page_23_edited.png

Based on the results, the header has the most number clicks. "What We Offer" has the most clicks, which also shows the users actually interested in the product offerings. 

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