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Cultural Product Design

6 style one batik

The goal of the project is to produce a unique way of interpreting Peranakan Culture and also to broaden the knowledge of people’s perception of Peranakan. 


Using the inspiration from Dondang Sayang, a love ballad where the Babas and the Nonya would engage in during festive seasons such

as Wedding.


The dying art culture can be a revival and something that can educate for the youths through the experiences from the fabric accessory itself with 6 varied styles.

I recreated with an accessory that is made of batik fabric portraying the Baju Panjang. As for the beads and thread coiling is to show the key dance moves of twist and turns.

Initial illustration to show the idea and how it is adapted from some design principles such as balance, with the equal amount of the beads placement. 

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