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Experience design

Design for Self-service

Team members: Tiffany Ng, Sin Xinqi 

There is a rising trend of unmanned pop-up store in Singapore. Therefore it was a

collaboration between 2 modules to design the interface and the conceptual unmanned pop up 24 hour Starbucks store in Singapore.

To start off the project, we were required to do interviews and survey. After that, it is the compilation using infographics of our the user research and persona for the top 3 target users. Since it is located both Central Business District area and Tourist Attraction sites. Therefore the keywords we focused on were professional and welcoming.

Service staging (paper prototyping)

Service staging is a process to understand each persona going through using the interface with paper prototyping. Through service staging, we manage to identify that Starbucks service is known for customisation. Therefore, we do not want to neglect while designing the self-service vending machine, allowing the regulars to enjoy the same privilege.


This is the inspiration board that sets the tone of the interface to be something welcoming yet professional. From the photos to have a natural lighting backdrop with wood furnishings.


Visual design moodboard 
Information architecture

Choice of icons are contrasting with the sizing of the buttons and also the colour of the button to the background which makes it easier for user to see.


As for the colour scheme, it is vibrant yet subtle to match the welcoming and professionalism theme.


These are some screenshots of the actual screen. 

Here’s the link for you to access the wireframe: 


Moving on to the flow of the unmanned pop up store, it was curated in such a way that users are able to come in at any area and eventually need to walk in a one way circular direction to collect their drinks or go to the customisation bar to ensure a systematic flow.


Process and visuals of the final look

For our kiosk, we decided to design the collect and customisation bar vertically to save space and we also gave it a soft edge finishing for safety purposes. Using Rhino software, we cadded out how the conceptual store would be like. 


To portray professionalism, the choice of colours and design were sleek and minimalist. To enhance welcoming essence, we added pipes branching out giving a sense of warmth and to seek comfort whenever they buy the Starbucks beverage.


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